Dr Peters Astronomy Calendar

Astronomy  Calendar 2023

Astronomy Calendar Galaxies M81 and M82 in Ursa Major. M 81 Bodes Galaxy, is a spiral galaxy Hubble type Sb with blue spiral arms as. M 82 Cigar Galaxy is a so called starburst galaxy with high star creating activity. M82's unique bipolar outflow (or 'superwind')which you can see red in the photo is fueled by energy released by supernovae which occur at a rate of about one every ten years Astrophotos taken with Celestron C14 using a focal reducer at f7 with SBIG 2000xm molnochrome CCD Camera: luminance 7x600 sec 1x1 binning R,G,B 3x300 sec 2x2 binning each Halpha 2x1000sec 2x2 binning .mosaique of  2  of M81 and M82 respectively taken with C 14 and SBIG 2000xm and one astrophoto of M81 and M82taken with 8inch Newton

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Crab Nebula, M1, astrophoto Atik Infinity