Astronomy Calendar Orion nebula  in the constellation Orion 1400 lightyears away about 23 lightyears diameter it's located on the same spiral arm of the Milky Way as our Sun and usOrion Nebula M42. astrophoto taken with Celestron C14 and reducer at f7, F2500mm,  EOS 450d monochrome stack of: luminance: 6exp a 5min CLS, 3exp a 70sec CLS, 3exp a 30 sec CLS Halpha: 3exp a 10

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apm apo triplet,

large magellanic cloud,

eta carinae nebula,

Kilimanjaro, Kenya,

Andromeda galaxy,

galaxy M 33,

galaxy NGC 891,

crescent nebula,


orion nebula,m 42,

eskimo nebula,

bodes galaxy, m 81, m 82,

ngc 6995, ngc 6992,

iris nebula, .astro photo APM APO
Crab Nebula, M1, astrophoto Atik Infinity

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