Astronomy  Calendar 2023

Astronomy Calendar Andromeda Galaxy M31 , it's the closest large galaxy, about 120.000 lightyears in diameter and 2 Mio lightyears away from us.

 taken with 107 700 APM triplet APO and Canon  EOS 550d modified at Gerlitzen, Hotel Pacheiner, Austria stack of 5 exp a 8 min ISO 1600

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astro photo,

astro photo c 14,

celestron c 14,

apm apo triplet,

large magellanic cloud,

eta carinae nebula,

Kilimanjaro, Kenya,

Andromeda galaxy,

galaxy M 33,

galaxy NGC 891,

crescent nebula,


orion nebula,m 42,

eskimo nebula,

bodes galaxy, m 81, m 82,

ngc 6995, ngc 6992,

iris nebula, .astro photo APM APO
Crab Nebula, M1, astrophoto Atik Infinity

Dr Peters Astronomy Calendar