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Astronomy  Calendar 2018

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astro photo c 14,

celestron c 14,

apm apo triplet,

large magellanic cloud,

eta carinae nebula,

Kilimanjaro, Kenya,

Andromeda galaxy,

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galaxy NGC 891,

crescent nebula,


orion nebula,m 42,

eskimo nebula,

bodes galaxy, m 81, m 82,

ngc 6995, ngc 6992,

iris nebula, .astro photo APM APO
Crab Nebula, M1, astrophoto Atik Infinity

Astronomy Calendar Southern Milky Way with Era Carinae Nebula and Large Magellanic Cloud over the 6000m tall Kilimanjaro taken from Amboseli NP Kenya

Astro photo taken with Canon EOS 40d modified and Canon 1:2,58 17-35mm L  on Astrotrac mount at F 18mm  f 2,8 , 800ISO, 4x180sec  with tracking and, 2x140sec without tracking